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Merlin Ultra ST

The Merlin Digital Short Throw Projector features a low latency connection, with quick response time, ensuring your images are always clear and precise

  • Crafted Apple Watches

    The intersection of fashion and technology

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  • Merlin R&D

    A quick preview of Merlin"s efforts in sustainabiilty

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  • IB Cricket

    Proyuga Technologies has created the innovative product, 'IB Cricket', a metaverse e-sports product. Read more on our blog

  • ECP

    The creator of 5-hour Energy Drink, Manoj Bhargava, is currently making strides in the global health crisis with his latest project Renew ECP,

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Merlin Greenspace

Merlin Farming Capsules

These work on Aquaponics and Solar DE-Salination

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Need 99% less water

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the World wide web

Inventor's story


Merlin Farms is entering this market with an innovative approach. Using patent-pending technology, the company is able to grow the most in-demand crops at scale. Its methods are efficient, sustainable, and produce 20X the yield per square foot than conventional farming. Initially, Merlin Farms is focusing on producing spinach and kale, the most in-demand leafy greens in the region, sales of which exceed AED1 billion annually. The company’s farming technique is based on the concept of “AquaPonics – which is a combination of AquaCulture and Hydroponics”. This is a method of growing plants without soil utilizing fish waste – its an organic process requiring no chemicals leading to a very high quality of produce

Work in the Desert heat for year round production

Uses AI to optimize fish feed ratios but then again AI ca be scary for those of us who've watched the Terminator series -- read our blog on some thoughts on the theme

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